Micro Ring Hair Extentions

Want a semi permant colour, volume or length?… Try Micro Ring Hair Extensions 100% human remy hair!

This method of hair extensions if the most popular and effect way of applying hair extensions. No messy glue is attached to your hair, no glue gun, just small micro links are easily and cleanly attached. Hair is 18″ to 22″ excellent quality remy hair, not the cheap hair you find in the high street!

Our Hair Extension Specialist has been hairdressing for over 9 years as well as cutting hair, so you will get hair extensions that blend in and look natural. Most people who do hair extensions have been on one day courses and as well as not knowing how to cut the hair after applying, they still don’t know how to apply in a way that will not damage your hair, so be careful!

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  • 50 bonds – WAS £130 NOW £104
  • 75 bonds – WAS £170 NOW £136
  • 100 bonds- WAS £220 NOW £176
  • 125 bonds – WAS £270 NOW £216
  • 150 bonds – WAS £310 NOW £248
  • 175 bonds – WAS £360 NOW £288
  • 200 bonds – WAS £390 NOW £312

An average of 150-175 bonds are needed for a full head to add body and length. 50-100 bonds for body and thickness.

Full consultation is needed for hair extensions at a cost of £20, to match colour, discuss length and how to take care of your new extensions. The £20 can be used as a deposit if you would like to go ahead with the hair extensions. 50% deposit needs to be paid to buy in the hair and secure booking.

Hair Extension Aftercare advice

It is vital that you follow the correct aftercare procedure in order to ensure your Hair Extensions will remain in great condition for a full three months. We recommend you buy a shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions as these usually contain no oils (oils can damage the bonds and make your extensions fall out). You should also invest in a heat protecting spray, especially if you like to straighten or curl your hair, and a glossing serum can keep your extensions looking silky and shiny. You will also need a soft bristled brush. Brushing hair should be brushed from the bottom up, gently working out any tangles and should be brushed at least twice a day.

Washing  – The hair should be kept clean as the scalp’s natural oils can compromise the bonds hair should only be exposed to water for short periods of time i.e. no soaking in the bath. Hair should be washed using a ‘smoothing’ motion rather than a ‘scrubbing’ one.

Conditioner should be kept away from the bonds, although conditioning the lengths of the hair is very important as this will keep your extension hair smooth and supple for longer. We also recommend that you use a weekly intensive conditioner.

Products – i.e. Serum and Mousse etc should be kept away from the bonds. Hair should be ‘patted’ dry with a towel and not towel dried. After each wash you should separate the bonds.

Styling – Hair should be combed through with a wide tooth comb before blow drying. Hair should be blow dried on a cool setting. Hair can be straightened and curled, however you must not touch the bonds with heated hair tools. YOU MUST use Heat protectors when using heated hair tools. Hair should be brushed at least twice a day to prevent tangling. Back combing is not recommended.

Colouring – You can continue to colour your roots but you MUST NOT get colorant on your bonds.

Sports and activities – You should wear your hair up in a low pony or plait for sports. Extensions are not recommended for regular swimmers. If you wear a helmet (sports equipment, cycling, motorbike, horse riding etc) your hair is more likely to get tangled without correct care.

Sleeping – Never go to sleep with wet hair and if possible, wear hair in a loose Ponytail or plait.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Hair Extension specialist.

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