Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment

L’Kerabelle Organic

There’s now a fabulous new keratin hair treatment available…L’Kerabelle an amazing product with the power to convert frizzy, curly, unruly hair into lustrous, smooth, shiny locks!

Packed full of amino acids, proteins and with UV protection, the L’Kerabelle treatment is formaldehyde, urea and aldehyde free, making it perfectly safe to apply to pregnant women, clients who have undergone chemotherapy and even children.

L’Kerabelle is at the forefront of the permanent blow dry industry – the treatment smoothes and de-frizzes the hair, inhibiting humidity and depositing Keratin ( the main protein of hair ) deep into the hair shaft conditioning each strand of hair from the inside out.

Our clients say their lives have been transformed with the L’Kerabelle treatment saving them hours of styling time. The result can last up to 4 months and, with each application, continues to improve the quality and condition of the hair.

Brazilian Keratin Original

This is the Original Keratin treatment has a smoother result than the organic. It can last up to 5 months and like the Organic, each application improves the quality and condition of the hair.

It does contain Formaldehyde however it is under the legal limit and is safe when carried out properly. Whilst blow drying and straightening the treatment it does get a little smoky so both the client and the stylists wear face masks to prevent any uncomfort. Due to this the Original treatment is a home visit service only.

All the benefits as the of the Organic apply to the original to ensure you get exactly the right appointment we recommend a complimentary consultation before booking the treatment at which time we can advise on cost and the time it will take to carry out the treatment.

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